Endocannabinoid System


We know how big of a role Set & Setting play in how you feel after consuming cannabis but there is another MAJOR player. Its time to talk about another big factor that’s involved: Our Endocannabinoid System.

endo system.png

pro tip: the system that is waiting to accept the cabinoids that you are consuming when smoking already exists in your body. Its like we were meant to smoke!


This system is far from little, far from simple and far from predictable. Its one of the largest systems in your body, highly complex and highly varied from person to person.

It’s everywhere!

Your brain, your spleen, immune tissues, basically if your brain needs something regulated it’s involved. Whether it’s your stress response or pain response, it’s working! Not only is it everywhere, but it’s different from person to person - meaning even though the system is generally in the same areas of you as it is for me or anyone, it’s how much of the system (receptor densities) are in each of those areas too.


Therefore, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to tell someone that you know how a cannabis strain will affect them. How do you know where the cannabinoids and terpenoids are binding and activating? There’s no way to tell. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯